krpano Virtual Gallery 06 Template

Kristof Meirlaen (Kri-Soft BV)
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Create a high-quality 3D exhibition of your artworks or photographs using this krpano based Virtual Gallery template.

  • Features
    • 13 placeholders for your artworks or photographs
    • High quality 3D model + textures
    • Introduction page: tell your visitors something about your gallery
    • images can be in jpg or png: if the jpg image exists, it will be loaded, if it does not exist, the png file will be loaded
    • navigation is not limited to pre-defined hotspots: point and click on the floor to go to any location in the gallery. All artworks are also clickable to quickly put them the perfect viewing perspective.
    • works on all platforms (windows, mac, mobile, tablets, ...)
    • dollhouse mode
    • sidebar with more information on the displayed artwork or photograph (Author, Title, Description, Link)
    • easy usage: all placeholders are pre-positioned in the 3D environment and will automatically scale to the correct width/hight of your artwork
    • 3D model, tour.xml and supporting files in plain text: modify and extend to your liking!
      (some proprietary scripts are protected from editing)
    • Lifetime updates for future features of this gallery and krpano updates
  • demo: click here!

Note: this is only a template and does not include a krpano license!


  • Februari 02, 2023 - Initial Release
  • March 03, 2023 - Some small bugfixes
  • March 05, 2023: updated with some improvements. Details can be found in the forum post and also in the manual.
    • ability to specify the location of the info panel icon
    • close the infopanel when the icon is clicked again
    • mapping info panel fields to meta data dynamically
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krpano Virtual Gallery 06 Template


krpano Virtual Gallery 06 Template

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