Kri-Soft Annotations Plugin for krpano

Kristof Meirlaen (Kri-Soft BV)
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The plugin allows you to quickly add nice styled subtle annotations to your panoramas and 3D objects.


  • Integrated editor: no copy/pasting of xml code: create everything inside the browser and save the result to a file that can be included in your project.
  • Works for 2D and 3D panoramas
  • 3D ready: annotations will “lock” onto the 3D surface when creating/moving them
  • Possibility to autoplay and loop through annotations
  • View an online demo here
  • you can use this plugin in all your projects
  • Free trial : the free trial gives you access to all functionality so it is easy and safe to verify how this plugin can add additional interest to your projects. An non-intrusive overlay will be displayed while in trial mode.

What you get

  • A zip file with all files needed to integrate the plugin into your own code
  • A user manual on how to integrate and use the plugin in your projects

Release history

29/05/2023 - V1.13

  • enhancement: the popup panel will now dynamically adjust its position in relation to the screen: first, it will attempt to display on the right side of the annotation. If that does not work, the popup will display on the left side. If the space there is too small too, the popup will be displayed on below the annotation.. And if that fails, the popup will be displayed above the annotation.

24/05/2023 - V1.12

  • removed various trace messages

23/05/2023 - V1.11

  • removed a showlog() in the mousehandler.xml when used on mobile

23/04/2023 – V1.10

·         Split “onnewscene” and “onloadcomplete”.

·         Onnewscene event will hide the annotations

·         Onloadcoplete will show the annotations

·         made automatic hiding/show annotations a setting

·         allow customising of the appearance of the hotspots

·         normal view

·         hover view

·         alpha view (hidden behind geometry)

·         infopanel view

·         when in edit mode, do not automatically execute the onclick action

·         you can click the “onclick” label to execute the action in the editor

·         made the onclick window bigger

·         added an option to not tween to a new view when clicking an annotation

·         made the tweentime for moving to a new view a setting

10/04/2023 – V1.09

·         Integrated onnewscene to automatically clear and reload the annotations when changing scenes

·         Improved navbar support across scenes + documentation update on how to include the navbar

·         Removed “onclick” event on the popup panel to avoid warnings in the console

·         Added optional parameter “loop” for the autoplay

·         Added optional parameter “donecall” for the autoplay

01/04/2023 – V1.08

·         Fixed: when not in view, the text of the annotations sometimes failed to show

01/04/2023 – V1.08

·         Fixed: when not in view, the text of the annotations sometimes failed to show

01/04/2023 – V1.07

• Now stops auto-playing annotations when user clicks on an annotation

• Reworked layout of the editor to fit on screens with lower resolution

• Added new action “refreshAnnotations()” to redraw all annotations within the scene27/03/2023 – V1.06

  • Added new function showAnnotations() and hideAnnotations() to allow users to integrated showing/hiding the annotations through code
  • Added new functions annotationsAutoplayStart() and annotationsAutoplayStop() to go through the annotations automatically
  • Added optional navigation bar

15/03/2023 - V1.0

  • Initial Release1
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Kri-Soft Annotations Plugin for krpano

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I want this!